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Oceanic - Mastodon Showcase

Published: 06/13/2021 Hello everyone, we have been getting questions regarding the progression of our development. Everything has been going amazing, and we are now nearing our presentation stage to present Oceanic to planned investors. We are very excited to start rolling at a steady pace. However, early 2020 we had been approached by a foreign weapon manufacturer with written intentions of using our EPM28 Mastodon design towards a gun kit for their existing firearm with contracts promised to be sent. Unfortunately the responsible party decided to continue production with the use of our EPM28 Mastodon design without Ward B's permission and exclude Ward B from its rightful collaboration. This has forced Ward B to keep a low profile and refrain from sharing new content and information about Oceanic. We are terribly sorry to announce that Oceanic will be moving into private development due to this incident to protect our future property. Once more safeguards are in place, we will be back with a bang. As always we love and appreciate the loyalty and support from you all.

Much love to the outstanding artists for this showcase:

Art Direction - Emiko Aoki, Marcellino Sauceda Concept Artist - Gankhulug Narandavaa 3D Artist - Marcos Brito Texture Artists - Marcos Brito, Murilo Miranda Animator - Bryson Adcock Audio Designer - Navaro Composer - Jon Parra


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