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Oceanic is a FPS in development by Ward B with the power of Unreal Engine. Oceanic is a fast paced shooter bringing in elements seen from RPG and RTS experiences. Due to an unfortunate event, we will not be discussing further information regarding Oceanic until a more suitable time. Existing published content may be seen below.


Set on Earth in the mid 2200's, a man-made apocalypse has made land a treasury. As a corrupt corporation responsible for the flood and initiation of the Oceanic War, has formed the confederation to maintain dominance against the defiance in their newly engineered world. Survivors of the flood have all united as one to fend off oppression and make a balanced way of living under harsh conditions. Although both sides find the Oceanic War a priority of succession, both sides share the same enemy lurking in the depths.


Ward B is a team of many talents such as former artists and developers from various well known amazing titles. We have all come together to work our hardest in delivering both beautiful visuals and fluid gameplay to create an overall exciting experience. We are currently personally funded in our current state which will take some time to achieve a playable demo, however, we are working hard towards this demo to present to our planned investor!

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