About Us

Ward B is a team of extreme talent looking to expand in our programming department! Find out more about our project in development at


We are seeking Gameplay Programmers that are highly experienced in developing FPS experiences. You will be working with our lead programmer and others to deliver fluid and fast paced realistic mechanics from player movement, weapon management, game-modes, menus, etc. It is recommended that applicants have an appreciation and general understanding of firearms. Do note that the programming department is starting nearly from scratch, so if you are dedicated in adopting new projects aside current priorities, we'd love to have you join us!


- Strong knowledge using Unreal Engine.

- Strong C++ and Blueprint knowledge.

- Ability to dissect bugs down to the engine level.


- Experience with Replication/Networking.

- Experience with the new Replication Graph.

- Experience with the Unreal Engine Animation System.


Our team is currently working under our DPP (Delayed Payment Program). We are pushing forward towards a presentable stage for funding and investors. All tasks are documented/invoiced and will be payed for in full once funding has been achieved. Please only apply if you are able to spare time aside from priorities.



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